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 2019/20 Reviews

"the beef has been excellent. My parents from B.C. took 1/4 and couldn't be happier, they seem to mention it almost every time we talk on the phone!" Kirby H., Calgary, AB

"Just wanted to say thanks a lot for the beef. I made one of the chuck roasts in the pressure cooker last night and it was amazing. We will be eating like kings all year!" Rob K., Calgary, AB

"Meat turned out really well, great marbling. Dad and I are enjoying it (as is the dog). I think it takes Dad back to his day on the farm. Made some jerky and it was awesome." Jason T., Calgary, AB

We are pleased to offer a small number of beef packages from our herd of Highland and Highland-cross cattle.

The Highland cross offers a superior-tasting well-marbled beef. There are well-researched health benefits to the Highland meat, including lower cholesterol levels and higher protein and iron content. We don't use any hormones and our grass is natural - no fertilizers or pesticides are used anywhere on our farm.

When you’re buying a side of beef you have almost unlimited possibilities for your choices: paper versus plastic vacuum packaging, thickness of steaks, sizes of roasts, breakfast sausages, hamburger patties, beef jerky, plus special requests are accommodated if possible (full brisket, for example). The processor we use is the Meat Chop and they’re just a 10-minute drive from our farm – very easy on the animals.

There is variability each year in the size of the live animals, but we aim for about 400 pounds of freezer beef per animal, or about 200 pounds per side. Last year’s animals gave 55% steaks and roasts, and 45% ground beef.

The cost of a side of beef is very reasonable. We charge $900 per side of beef, and the Meat Chop charges a flat fee plus a wrapping and processing fee. The average cost per pound in 2019 was $6.00/pound in the freezer, and there were lots of interesting choices of processing – you should absolutely get what you want when ordering.

Please let us know if you’re interested in buying a side of beef. We’ll book animals in for November, 2020 and with a 14-21 day hanging period it will mean end-of-November or beginning of December for pick-up.

Please email for more information or if you have any questions.

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