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Garlic! We have a perfect climate for growing gorgeous and tasty varieties of hardneck garlic. That’s the kind that has solid, strong cloves with a central stalk that comes up early in the summer and makes an ‘umbel’ that is full of little bulbs called ‘bulbils’. Our generally cool nights and short growing season seem to suit the plants perfectly – they emerge early in spring (which can look a lot like winter in our area) and dominate the garden with their strong upright growth. Scapes form quickly in late June, bursting open in mid-July, if they aren’t removed, and the bulbs are ready from late-July to early-August, and are well cured by mid-September. We eat the bulbs starting in July as the new bulbs taste so great.

The garlic patch is one of our retirement projects - we're busy with lots of other things, so while we enjoy growing the garlic, we don't spend a ton of time on social media. When we have news we'll post it, and update photos when we have them, but the best thing would be to email us, which we'll respond to quickly, and come out to the farm if you'd like to buy some garlic - let us know when it works for you.

Lorraine & Kevin Bannister

35540 RR12

Red Deer County, AB

T4G 0M9


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